Carved Doors

This is one of the projects you can start as a SSI (Small Scale Industry) unit.  There is a big demand for carved doors and panels.
Door1How this can be done automatically:  Now in the market there are various types and capacity CNC machines are available for carving the wooden panels, acrylic panels and similar materials.  I recently attended a Trade Exhibition, and come across with a wide verity of such machines.
What these machines can do:  You can make any design in your computer then you can transfer that design to CNC caving machine and it will automatically carve the shape in 3D.  The speed, accuracy and the final output is really amazing.
What you need: A covered workshop and admin office of at least 1000 Sq. Feet.  The largest machine I came across with was 2 meter wide and 4 meter long.  One skilled computer based design maker.  He / She will be trained in advance level by the manufacturer of the CNC machine.  One or two helpers to  load / unload and delivery of the finished items.
Door4What is the scope:  You can create Wooden Carved Doors, Panels, Paneled room dividers, designer wall panels and so on.  The possibilities are endless – one of the biggest attractions in that Trade Exhibition was “The Last Supper” carved on a panel, really a classic piece of art.  You can re-produce such creativity any number of times without losing the finish of the very first one.  Please visit the following websites of such machinery manufacturers you will get more understanding.
Honestly speaking I do not know any Indian companies making these equipment.


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